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My Story

Im Adriana Brownlee, and this is how I discovered my ambition to complete the seven summits.

It all started when I was 9 years old. 

My father and inspirational climbing partner, Tony Brownlee, got me into my first glimpse of the mountaineering life... The Three Peaks 24 hour challenge. I had no clue what I was in for and with all my friends still playing with their cuddly toys, I was about to endure a ruthless mix of pain, hyperthermia and the best of all, a new found pride what I had achieved. It took me two goes, since the first time my temperature had dropped to 34 degrees and I was faced with the decision on carrying on or failing my first attempt at the challenge, I went with my gut and went down the mountain in disappointment. the second time however was a huge success and I managed to complete It in 22 hours and become the youngest to do so. 

Following this, I hadn't considered any more climbing adventures and leaned towards martial arts. Taekwondo became my new found passion, and quickly realising I had a natural talent for kicking people I stuck at it and demolished every competition with gold medals pilling in. 

Later on in my life I moved to America for 2 years and then swiftly transitioned to Oxford where my mountaineering career suddenly picked up again. 

I remember speaking to my father one afternoon and said, "I need a goal to work towards, something that will set me apart from any other teenager" and after a month of weird and wonderful challenges being thrown about, I thought back to my younger days and knew that with the experience my father had from climbing Aconcagua back in 2010 and my love for climbing, there was nothing better than the Seven Summits, and ever since I have never stopped thinking about it. 

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